Past Exhibitions

Residency camp
From: 01-12-2012 To 15-12-2012      Type: Workshop

Ruchikas Art Gallery is organinising a two week Residency programme. Starting from 1st of December to 14th December 2012. Ruchikas Art Gallery will select ten artists from all over India. For participation please email us your bio data & images of your recent works at

Residency works- Female artists
From: 12-11-2012 To 30-11-2012     Type: Exhibition

A showcase of paintings by artists from different places in India who participated in a Residency camp organised by Ruchikas Art Gallery. This works were created by these artists at Mangal Farm House Canacona. The participating artists were Harshada Kerkar, Prafulli Shevde, Dimple Shah, Chaitali Morajkar, Suruchi Jamkar

Residency works-Mumbai artists
From: 08-10-2012 To 31-10-2012     Type: Exhibition

A showcase of paintings by Mumbai based artists who participated in a Residency camp organised by Ruchikas Art Gallery. This works were created by these artists at Mangal Farm House Canacona. The participating artists were Aniket Khupse, Manish Mistry, Rahul Vajale, Sandeep Kulkarni, Shardul Kadam

Residency works- Goan artists
From: 10-09-2012 To 29-09-2012     Type: Exhibition

A showcase of paintings by Goan artists who participated in a Residency camp organised by Ruchikas Art Gallery. This works were created by the artists at Mangal Farm House Canacona. The participating artists were Aadhi Vishal, Vitesh Naik, Julio Dsouza, Hitesh Pankar.

An exhibition of prints
From: 20-08-2012 To 31-08-2012     Type: Exhibition

Ruchikas Art Gallery will showcase works of printmakers from India & USA. The artists shown would be K.R. Subbanna, Dattatray Apte , Rajan Fulari, V. Nagdas, Mahesh Prajapati, RM Palaniappan,Vijay Bagodi, Querozito, Bill HostermanHanuman KambliViraj Naik D’souza, Sarah Marshall, Cerese Vaden, Cima Katz , Janet Ballweg, John Temothy, Mark Ritche, Melissa Haviland, Robert Erickson, Robin Maclosky.

From: 03-08-2012 To 18-08-2012     Type: Exhibition

NEO GOA - III is the 3rd exhibition of Ruchikas Art Gallery in Bangalore in colabration with Gallery G. The artists participating are MOhan Naik, Sadguru Chenvankar, Siddhart Gosavi, Shilpa Naik & Vasudev Shetye. The exhibition opens on 3rd of Aug 2012 & will be on display till the 18th of Aug 2012

Carnival of Colours 2012
From: 25-02-2012 To 15-03-2012     Type: Exhibition

The world of art in India has expanded multi-fold to now include a whole plethora of hi-end services catering to a host of consumers from discerning collectors to the avid investor. The role of the gallery has changed to accommodate even finicky artists with pedantic demands and equally sophistic collectors. Beyond exhibition and education the art gallery is now poised to take on challenges to be part of the chase industriously scourging for newer talent while struggling to stay afloat. Recent market declines have set them on edge. The demand is for the art gallery to be futuristic, innovative, multidimensional, and active.

As the world of art evolves the face of the art gallery is changing with each evolution. Confronted with more educated and skill full artists, online sales, an excellently networked society and the increasing demand of the interior designer, the corporate art buyers and the investing pundits, have placed the galleries in a state of flux while seeking more and more unique solutions to profit their business. It is critical to now have an ongoing dialogue about the changing roles of art and art galleries and institutions in contemporary society.

Expansion has become the key word. Incorporating other realms and domains are tools and methods to stay with the social and economical times. Ruchika’s Art Gallery’s foray into the world of design and the like, is one such example. Change too is inevitable. Hence after Five years of steadfastly promoting and showcasing visual arts, Ruchika’s Art Gallery will now incorporate other creative expressions. The founding commitment will remain. The new development will undoubtedly make Ruchika’s Art Gallery, one of Goa’s most vibrant art spaces.

The opening of Carnival of Colors 2012 on the eve of the state’s most popular fest is most appropriate. Dedicated to the memory of Goa’s legendary artist Mario Miranda, this exhibition is commemorative and celebratory, the latter just as Miranda would have liked. This Fifth anniversary exhibition, as with the previous annual shows holds the work of artists who have honed their skills and perfected a language that binds them while expressing the unique camaraderie they share.

On behalf of the Ruchika’s Art Gallery and on my own behalf, I thank the artists for their response to this show and their unstinting support throughout the years.

Niyatee Shinde

From: 20-08-2011 To 27-08-2011     Type: Exhibition

Ruchika’s Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of “DURJA” A showcase of Ganesh Paintings & sculptures on 20th August 2011 at 6pm.

Venue: Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Gogol-Margao, Goa
The exhibition will be on view till 27th August 2011 (10am to 5pm).
Artists Participating: Aadhi Vishal, Harshada Kerkar, Hitesh Pankar, Mohan Naik, Naguesh Sardessai, Nirupa Naik, Rajesh Chodankar, Sachin Naik, Salvador Fernandes, Shripad Gurav, Druva Gawli(Sculpture)

Other Anecdotes
From: 06-08-2011 To 03-08-2011     Type: Exhibition

Other Anecdotes is pan-vision of contemporary Indian art. It scripts the fortitude and vigor currently characteristic of the country’s aesthetic endeavors. It brings together the work of established artists practicing in various media. Their inclusion is for various reasons; namely for their critical negotiation within the complex dynamics of deeper discourses on national artistic practice, for the inherent aesthetic their art is founded on and for the success of their skills within a level of expertise. Within all these parameters my attempt was also to present the homogeneity in India’s contemporary art that comfortably offers itself to any critique. Other Anecdotes reflects that the anxious search is on as much as the establishment of an identity is obvious. Once wedged between a well-flogged and tedious rhetoric for a vision that is local in character to satisfy established norms and an urge to claim its own identity within a larger framework, the Indian visual sensibility today embraces a more democratic and celebratory perspective. This exhibition reflects the diversity and complexity of contemporary Indian art while addressing the issue of a global identity. On the whole An Other Anecdotes reveals the unique concerns and formal interests of artists working in India.

Enchanted Spaces - an exhibition of photographs by Astrid Kruse Jensen
From: 29-04-2011 To 14-05-2011     Type: Exhibition

That we are attracted intuitively towards beauty is a known fact. Howeverwhen beauty merges with intrigue, we are fascinated and drawn unquestionably, to that amalgamation. Astrid Kruse Jensen's photographs in the exhibition Enchanted Spaces that are from the series Hidden Spaces draws us naturally to the abstraction of beauty in the landscape.

The photographs are powerfully intriguing and after a cursory viewing reveal a multitude of meanings.
Reality and the imaginary cohere evoking responses that are fascinating in their continuous alteration. Either dark and brooding or alluring and seductive or even suggestive of the unknown and fearful, they captivate our attention and enthrall us with mysterious tales. What is even more fascinating is that though these photographs are anchored in apparently everyday places and are about the natural of the surroundings set in the reality of the landscape, yet they are infusedwith the imaginary transforming them into alternative realities. This duality andmulti-layering bound by an undeniable meditative quality intensifies the attraction easily entrusting the audience to decipher their own readings.

Astrid Kruse Jensen is the first Danish artist to show in India. As a photography curator and observer I have been interested in Jensen's work ever since I first encountered her imagesseveral years ago at an international conference, in a catalog published by a colleague fromArhus, Denmark. This exhibition has come a long way and I am thankful to all those who it made happen especially to the support by the Danish Arts Council, Denmark, the organizational assistance from Turmeric Earth and more importantly to Ruchika's Art Gallery, Goa for hosting the show.

Carnival of Colours 2011
From: 23-02-2011 To 25-03-2011     Type: Exhibition

Over the past three years, since its inception, Ruchika’s Art Gallery’s annual exhibition that marks the gallery’s anniversary has evolved to script the fortitude and vigor of Goa’s visual art. In the past as an inclusive exhibition, Carnival of Colours located itself as a pan-vision of local contemporary art. Representation was fundamental and critical. However with recurring interests in art from this region from collectors and curators alike, it has become essential to pay attention to (some) detail and not to the collaged whole.

Today art from Goa has undoubtedly acquired a premeditated and conscious imaginative freedom. Carnival of Colours 2011 reflects and records that the anxious search and establishment of an identity has now changed. For long in the missionary position , wedged between the recessive well-flogged and tedious rhetoric for a vision that is local in character to satisfy established norms and a nudge to claim its own identity within a larger framework, the Goan visual sensibility now embraces a more democratic and celebratory perspective. Several pre-conceived notions are being swept off the shores of Goa’s visual art practice. Art from this beautiful state is no longer caught in the web of predicaments that trap the local and cultural.

Thematically and technically subtle changes that earlier occasionally reared their heads are now the order of the day. Undoubtedly many more horizons have emerged for the Goan artists, thus elevating its setting. One of the most prominent features in the work of the artists showing here is that they do not attempt a representation of the immediate reality as such nor incorporate mere aesthetic figurations but hold substance that portrays Goa's rich well blended confluence of cultures. While actualizing their concerns they reveal various kinds of energies. It reflects the diversity and complexity of contemporary culture addressing issues of identity and those of all fringe cultures. On the whole Carnival of Colours 2011 reveals the unique concerns and formal interests of artists working in Goa.

Green Block & Grey Tree
From: 15-01-2011 To 22-01-2011     Type: Exhibition

Rachana Nagarkar, an established artist from Mumbai is doing her 6th solo show in Ruchika’s Art Gallery, Goa. Her work talks about the human interference in the nature and resulting loss of balance. she considers herself as connecting thread to resolve the issues in her paintings. The red thread shown in her current works depicts her social concern to be a bridge between the growing construction and awareness about plantation. Rachana Nagarkar often comments through her work about current social issues.

Mask Painting workshop
From: 18-12-2010 To 19-12-2010     Type: Workshop

Special workshop “Painting on Masks” for children & youngsters in the age group of 8 – 18 years, on 18 & 19 December 2010

Mask factor
From: 17-12-2010 To 31-12-2010     Type: Exhibition

Ruchika’s Art Gallery presents Mask Factor In Goa (a group show), a unique exhibition of painted 3 dimensional masks. This exhibition curated by Rajiv Punater and Avinash Gupte brings exqusite masks created by very talented artists. The exhibition features Raman Adone, Anil Chaugule, Vaishali Dalvi, Anirban Dasgupta, Kiran Ghanekar, Prashant Hirlekar, Dipak Joshi, Yashpal Kamble, Rajesh Kulkarni, Sachin Kondhalkar, Farah Mulla, Rajashri Parulkar, Kinnari Sanghavi, Hanamant Shinde, Sachin Tonape and Anil Wanare.

December 18 – 31: The exhibition continues at Ruchika’s Art Gallery, Opposite Hotel marriot, Miramar Panaji Goa 0832-2465875. The exhibition will also include a special workshop “Painting on Masks” for children & youngsters in the age group of 8 – 18 years, on 18 & 19 December 2010.Curators Avinash Gupte & Rajiv Punater will speak on the concept & development of this idea during the workshop.

Teracotta Workshop
From: 10-11-2010 To 13-11-2010     Type: Workshop

Teracotta workshop from 10th to 13th Nov Limited seats for registration contact 08322465875/9850571283. Last day for registration 9th Nov 2010.

Festival of Workshops
From: 25-10-2010 To 30-10-2010     Type: Workshop

Ruchika’s Art Gallery announces A Festival of Workshops from 25 to 30 October 2010
1)Terracotta Lamps
2) Rangoli Designs
3) Diwali Lanterns
Now celebrate Diwali with your own handmade lamps, beautiful rangoli design & attractive Diwali lanterns.

Ganesh Exhibition 2010
From: 25-08-2010 To 09-09-2010     Type: Exhibition

Ruchika's Art Gallery plans to hold its annual Ganesh exhibition titled “Ashtavinayaka jai ho - 100 visions of Ganesha” from August 25th – September 09th, 2010. The exhibition will feature recent works of Goan artist as well as artist outside Goa.
The artist participating are MF Husain, Aadhi Vishal,Gopal Kudaskar, Harshada Kerkar, Hitesh Pankar, Julio Dsouza,Madhukar Munde,Ravindra salve,Prabhakar Patil, Vamona Navelcar and many others.

Life in colours
From: 08-05-2010 To 22-05-2010     Type: Exhibition


Life can be viewed from multiple angles for it has innumerable dimensions that throw up curious facets at every given second and minute and hour and so on.

It is this very character of life that makes it liveable and inspires creative beings like poets, painters, writers, singers etc. What exactly can trigger a creative spark depends on the individual artist's character.

Sachin Naik and Ramesh Thorat have age and enthusiasm on their side. And they have their independent perceptions and admirable level of creativity. Clubing Sachin and Ramesh together is like experiencing the concept of 'Ying and Yang'.

Both these artists complement each other inspite of coming from a differing background. Sachin, a more serious and quiet individual, documents the raw feelings and hard reality of life whereas, Ramesh prefers to revel in and capture the joyous side of life.

Sachin, with his background in graphics, experiments with various media ie. woodcut, etching, pencil work, acrylics and so on. He enjoys experimenting. Ramesh does paintings that exudes an encouraging aura of well being. His paintings focus on the playful aspects in life.

Sachin's compositions are absolutely still and very clinical. He has experienced the hard part of life and his compositions reflect his struggle. By creating a tableau like atmosphere, Sachin intends to co-relate his works to the drama called life.

Sachin is the philosophical Lord Krishna as against playful Ramesh. Each one has his own strength to bank on. Sachin's lines and concepts are thought provoking and they invite the viewers to participate in his quest, whereas Ramesh goes all out to please and entertain.

His stylised human figures drowned in variety of hues and shades create a festive mood. One needs to enjoy the paradox in concept and basic philosophy between these two artists. Qualitatively, they complement each other.

Painting workshop
From: 19-04-2010 To 24-04-2010     Type: Workshop

Painting workshop for childrens between age group of 10 to 18yrs
The art workshop is to enable children to freely express their emotions, ideas and views with the help of art. Art is an expression of ones own emotions and must feel free to exhibit. The children will be exposed to abstract art. Abstract art has no structure, and able children to paint out of the box. Art also helps children to connect with their inner self in many ways.
The workshop will be conducted by artist Salvador Fernandes. The workshop starts from 19th to 24th April 2010 from 10.30am to 12.30pm. for registration please contact Mr Sandeep 0832 2465875 / 9850571283.

Carnival of Colours 2010
From: 25-02-2010 To 11-03-2010     Type: Exhibition


The Goan art scenario has definitely been affected by the general recession in the global economy and the uncertain future that holds the key to the collectors and common buyers enthusiasm.

Short of flush money and strained liquidity dulls the purchasing capacity of the art buyers and art market professionals. There is no doubt that artists are driven by the urge to create, and no amount of depression can stall the creative flow of an artist. Having said that, the fact of the matter is, the hard reality bites. And bites terribly.

There are very few artists in Goa who have accepted this harsh reality and taken pragmatic steps to safeguard their market share. Goan art, that didn’t have the desired national recognition as compared to the other Indian regions like Maharashtra, Delhi, Kolkata and Baroda, has come a long way to have an independent standing of their own. It has come to convert into a brand that earns instant recognition on a significantly noticeable scale.

There’s Viraj Naik, Rajeshree Thakker, Theodore Mesquita, Subodh Kerkar along with Suhas Shilkar, Mohan Naik, Querozito D’ Souza, Nirupa Naik, Yolanda Souza, Francis D’ Souza, Santosh Morajkar, Chaitali Morajkar, Aadhi Vishal and Hitesh Pankar besides the others who have made a mark of their own in the art world.

It is pertinent to know that the artists need to be identified, nurtured and supported in his creative endevour. That makes it mandatory for a noble benefactor to exist. The existence of Kings, much earlier in the history, made it easy for the artists to survive and thrive.

With the abolition of kingdoms, the concept of royal benefactor vanished and the artists were left at the mercy of the wily market players. Saleable artists and artisans got the priority backing. In due course of time, quality and caliber suffered and was sacrificed at the altar of merciless market.

Easy Department of Art & Culture, Government of Goa in fostering talent in visual arts in the past few years.
The consistent and sincere attention of the government in this direction in the past several years would have uplifted and strengthened the confidence of the artists. This would have brought desired recognition to Goa. money invited unscrupulous players. Artists today are caught in the quagmire of market. Goan artists can be led into it if due care is not taken. The government institutions could have done a yeoman service in this regard, however the less said the better. It will be unfair to miss an opportunity to recognize the contribution of the

It’s never too late to start afresh. There’s always a new opportunity round the corner waiting to be grabbed. The artist and the State can collaborate to make the art scene more vibrant and vivacious.

With the active support of the private organizations like Ruchika’s Art Gallery and others, Goa can be transformed into a palpable hub of intelligent mind and quality art. And further foster a formidable movement of art and culture in this tiny State that is recognized as the artistically fertile land with the capacity to give birth and nurture talent.

The current show displays works of Vamona Ganesh Navelcar, Sadguru Chendvankar, Theodore Mariano Mesquita, Nirupa Naik, Mohan Naik, Harshada Kerkar, Yolanda de Sousa Kammermeier, Suhas Shilker, Sonia Rodriguese Sabharwal, Querozito de Souza and many more.

Harvest of colours
From: 06-02-2010 To 13-02-2010     Type: Exhibitions


‘Harvest of Colours’ is an outstanding collection of paintings by Gauri (Cecilia) James. Beginning as an amateur with a keen eye for authentic art, Gauri has graduated to an admirable level with a sense of an expert and understanding and skill of a veteran. The mélange of abstracts with realistic, stylized, portraits, and landscapes in her portfolio exhibit her versatility and passion to experiment. Having lived with tones of art and interacted with the celebrated contemporary Indian masters – Maqbool Fida Husain, Sayed Hyder Raza, Manjit Bawa and others – the creative fragrance has rubbed on to Cecilia and her paintings are a testimony to the same. Happily married for the last thirty-five years to Haresh Chaganlal, the noted and one of the biggest art collectors in India, Cecilia began as a reluctant practitioner of art. The overwhelming presence of master paintings and close proximity to the contemporary masters drove a deep inhibition and reluctance in Cecilia to pick up the brush and paint. On the other hand, the same creatively vibrant environment silently nudged her to the point where Cecilia began her tryst with the brush.

Her first major show in Greece was a huge success that was followed by shows in Mumbai. Having travelled far and wide and visited some of the best art galleries, culturally happening centres and artists’ studios, Cecilia got influenced and drowned in the pursuit of creative bliss.

Persistent and passionate, Cecilia’s diligence has paid off. Days spent in the studios of Sayed Haider Raza in Paris and Manjit Bawa in Delhi groomed her. Having Dr. Saryu Doshi, the high priestess of the art world, as her daughter’s mother-in-law helped her in a big way.

Each of her works displays a passionate outpouring. Vibrant hues, bold brushwork and confident lines accentuate the beauty within. Many of her churches, castles and structures reflect the influence of Francis Newton Souza. Skimming through differing styles, one can see a method to her variety. The abstracts are an example in creative tapestry whereas the Madonnas, Angels, portraits etc. bring out the humane artist in Cecilia. Despite the influence of the western styles in her works, Cecilia’s works exude an Indian ethos. With a noble intention behind this show, Cecilia has priced her works at affordable rates and intends to elicit appreciation from the lay visitors and connoisseurs

Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal Solo exhibition
From: 09-01-2010 To 23-01-2010     Type: Exhibition

Solo exhibition by Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal

Painting workshop for childrens
From: 28-12-2009 To 31-12-2009     Type: Workshop

Ruchika's Art Gallery organises a four day painting workshop for childrens between age group of 13 to 18years of age. The workshop will start from the 28th to 31st of Dec from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. The workshop will be conducted by Salvador fernandes & will be assisted by Menakshi Singh. Registration fees are Rs 2000/- per child. Last day of registration is 24th Dec 09.

Bring your dreams to screen
From: 02-11-2009 To 08-11-2009     Type: Workshop

As the state of Goa gears up for the biggest film festival of the season, the International Film Festival of India, Ruchika’s Art Gallery once again takes the initiative in collaboration with Jojo’s Digital World, reaching out to meet the cry of aspiring film-makers with a seven day script to screen practical workshop being conducted from the 2nd to 8th of November 2009 between 3pm to 6pm at the Gallery in Panjim. The workshop is designed for beginners as well as new film-makers and will be highly interactive and practical. The workshop begins with an insight into film-making, converting ideas into stories, writing proper scripts, screenplay, production drafts, shooting schedules and then migrates to understanding and using Video and HD Cameras and understanding camera angles. Lighting, Sound, Editing and packaging will also be covered in this workshop. Sessions will be of 2-3 hours per day and new concepts of home-made dollies, trolleys and stands to create special camera movements will also be covered to enable low-budget and aspiring film-makers to capture great shots and create movies on virtually zero-budgets. The workshop will end with a presentation and red-carpet show of the movies made and will also have a critics couch. Certificates will be given to all workshop participants on completion. The workshop is reasonably priced at Rs. 5000/- and includes all courseware and material. This workshop is being conducted by a team of experienced film-makers from Jojo’s Digital World, headed by Jojo D’Souza, member of the AHS-USA and the Dubai Institute of Film Studies, UAE. Jojo D’Souza has also been recently honored by the AHS-USA for film-making and Training concepts and strategies.

Various Artists
From: 31-10-2009 To 14-11-2009 Type: Exhibition

The exhibition will be open from 2nd Nov to 14th Nov 09 between 10.30 to 7pm.

Photography & Ceramic Exhibition
From: 10-10-2009 To 20-10-2009     Type: Exhibition

Photography exhibition by Gurudas Kamat and display of ceramic works by Pratima Vaidya

Ganesh Exhibition
From: 08-08-2009 To 22-08-2009     Type: Exhibition

Ruchika’s Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled “Ganesh Art Exhibition” from 8th to 22th August, 2009, at its facility in Casa Del Sol, Miramar, Panaji. The opening of the exhibition will be held on 8th August at 7:00 pm, and the public is invited to this event. The exhibition features paintings and sculptures of the Lord Ganesh done by prominent Goan artists

Carnival of colors
From: 28-03-2009 To 11-04-2009     Type: Exhibition

“There are not only more people collecting, there are more people collecting for the wrong reasons, basically as the latest get rich quick scheme. They buy art like lottery tickets.” This is what art collector Mary Boone is attributed to have said about the art market in general as seen the world over. This is unfortunately true with absolute certainty about the general art practitioners as well. This writer acknowledges the fact that there has been an exponential growth in the activities in the art field on both sides of the divide. That is, in the number of producers and consumers. The vicious cycle of demand and supply coupled with the liquid money available in the market fuelled this questionable growth. Every other produce, worthy or otherwise, got consumed with the strong, fanatic current of the market thirst. Colloquially speaking, the damp wood caught fire as well, along with the dry lot. This horizontal growth in art, which till then confined to the drawing rooms and studios of the select few, facilitated a greater reach of the medium and drew wider admirers. However, on the flip side, it spread too wide and thinned the quality of the output. Every Tom, Dick and Harry jumped into the bandwagon of art and climbed the ladder of the market. Sunday artists’ club transformed and intruded into the mainstream. Conventional divide was shattered. Galleries mushroomed and favourites got tossed about. Ugly marketing and unheard of gimmickry played its part where quality got compromised. None had the time to practise what Vincent Van Gogh so jealously believed in. “My opinion is that,” he said, “the best thing would be to work on till art lovers feel drawn toward it of their own accord, instead of having to praise or explain it.” This, in my opinion, is a clear endorsement of quality and genuine efforts and obvious and straightforward repudiation of the idea of employing marketing strategies in art.

Latent Talent
From: 28-02-2009 To 14-03-2009     Type: Exhibition

The current generation of artists has been producing quality work and is constantly in a hurry to upgrade their skill and produce excellent art works. They don’t sit content with the limited quality output. There is a persistent effort to explore and discover conceptual and stylistic variety.
Sudin S. Kurpaskar, Sandesh D. Shetgaonkar and Archa R. Kamat, having graduated from the Goa College of Art, Altinho, with excellent academic track record, need to be constantly experimenting and innovating. Their current works show a lot of promise. Even though conceptually and stylistically not very radical, their latent skill does get projected in a subtle way

From: 17-01-2009 To 27-01-2009      Type: Exhibition
Nirupa, Shirley, Druvinka
From: 09-01-2009 To 16-01-2009     Type: Exhibition
Earth & Water Around The Globe
From: 09-01-2009 To 12-01-2009     Type: Exhibition

United States of America and India are separated by masses of water and earth. They have different cultures and ethnics. Yet, there is a common thread that runs between them. Talented artists from both countries have come together to interpret these similarities in diversities.
Ten artists from India selected by Professor Hanuman Kambli and ten artists from United States of America selected by Professor Mark Ritchie have created 28 portfolios of their prints based on Earth and Water: An artistic interpretation across the globe. The artists come from different back grounds. Their works represent their varied personals, techniques, experiences and backgrounds. It is a myriad of visions imprinted on paper.

Beyond Reality
From: 20-12-2008 To 05-01-2009     Type: Exhibition

Exhibition Name: Beyond Reality
Artist Participating: Ram Viranjan, Aadhi Vishal, N. Kanhaiya, Rajesh Chodankar. and “coast to coast”Paintings by students from Goa and USA.

Filmy Falooda
From: 23-11-2008 To 05-12-2008      Type: Exhibition

The exhibition will be held from 23.11.08 to 05.12.08. Below are the events which will be held:
Visual Art: Display of works by artist from Goa & Pune.
Pop Art: The works will be displayed from the multimedia workshop which was sponsored by RAG & conducted by Prof Hanuman Kambli. Students from the Goa College of art and student of Abhinav Kala Mahavidhalay Pune participated in the workshop.
Animation workshop: The workshop will be conducted by teachers from Graphiti School of animation. Below mentioned are the names of teachers(Lidwin Mascarenhas & Sanika Cardo, Jitendra Chaudhar, Kanakasabapathy Pandyan (Director)

Ganesh Painting & Sculpture Exhibition
From: 23-08-2008 To 18-09-2008     Type: Exhibition

Ruchika’s Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled “Ganesh Painting & Sculpture Exhibition” from 23rd Aug to 18th September, 2008 (closed on sunday's), at its facility in Casa Del Sol, Miramar, Panaji. The opening of the exhibition will be held on 23rd August 2008 at 7:00 pm, and the public is invited to this event.
The exhibition features paintings and sculptures of the Lord Ganesh done by prominent Goan artists, including Subodh Kerkar, Harshada Kerkar, Yolanda de Souza, Mohan Naik, Nirulpa Naik,Vitesh Naik,Hitesh Pankar, Shripad Gaurav, Sandesh Naik, Amrish Parsekar,Rajesh Salgaonkar & many more. The exhibition complements the pooja, worship and celebrations of Ganesh Charurthi.

Junctures & Constellations: Katheryn Myers and
From: 24-05-2008 To 30-05-2008    Type: Exhibition

Kathryn Myers, Professor of Art at the University of Connecticut, USA and Hanuman Kambli, Professor of Printmaking at the Goa College of Art are exhibiting their work at Ruchika?s Art Gallery in an exhibition that crosses continents and cultures in Miramar, Panaji, Goa from May 24?31st.

Metal Art Exhibition with Julio DSouza, Salvador
From: 17-05-2008 To 29-05-2008     Type: Exhibition

Exhibition of Julio D'Souza, Salvador Fernandes, Satyajit Chandra Chanda, and "Metal Artists Exhibition", including Mr. Shreekant Khairnar and Ms. Kajal Gaitonde, Mumbai-based jewelry artists

Lotus Eaters Collective
From: 21-04-2008 To 13-05-2008     Type: Exhibition

Exhibition showcasing the work of Thomas Vas (photography), Priyadarshan Salgaonkar, Joy Kest, and the Lotus Eaters Collective form the National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), including Prashant Miranda, Anoop Patnaik, Ruchi Bakshi, Pallavi Arora, Yusuf Mannan, Aditya Pande, Uzma Mohsin, Sudeep Chaudhari, Anand Naorem, Kalpana Subramanian, Sandeep CA, Thomas Louis, and Girish Arora. Live piano will be provided by Artist Prashant Miranda.

Catherine Bebout: USA Fulbright Scholar Exhibion
From: 08-04-2008 To 12-04-2008     Type: Exhibition

Featuring the artworks from Ms. Catherine Bebout, from USA, who is visiting India as a Fulbright Scholar, as one of the world's emerging art experts and talents.

16 Emerging Artists
From: 29-03-2008 To 16-04-2008     Type: Exhibition

A collection of the top talents from around India are exhibiting their newest works at Ruchika’s Art Gallery. Aadhi Vishal, Aniket Khupse, Hitesh Pankar, Jayant Jadhav, Julio D’Souza, Mahendra Padte, Manish Mistry, Pravin Kedar, Rahul Vajale, Rajesh Salgaonkar, Sandeep Kulkarni, Sandip More, Sharad, Sonkusale, Shardul Kadam, Vaibhav Sakarkar, Vitesh Naik

Pan Indian Contemporary Art
From: 23-02-2008 To 25-03-2008     Type: Exhibition

Featuring artists from Chennai, Goa, Hyderbad & Pune, including Raju Durshettiwar, Chaitali Morajkar, Santosh Morajkar, Sudeep Ghosh and Shrikant Kadam

Goan Masters: Past Present Future
From: 19-01-2008 To 06-02-2008      Type: Exhibition

Grand Opening of Ruchika's Art Gallery, featuring over 40 Goan artists, from International Grand Masters like FN Souza, Laxman Pai, and VS Gaitonde, to established Goan artists such as Mario Miranda, Subodh Kerkar, Yolanda de Souza, Teodore Mesquita, to young and dynamic artists like Viraj Naik and Rajesh Salgaonkar.

From: 24-11-2007 To 25-12-2007      Type: Exhibition

1.The Bollywood Poster Revival Workshop: Live poster workshop on modern movies taught by one of the leaders in the industry.
2.Fawzan Husain "Silver Screen" Photography Exhibition: Renown Photographer shows his acclaimed collection.
3.Goan Artists Visual Art & Cinema: Over 15 Goan Artists and their work on the theme of "Art & Cinema".

Moksha:Raj Bhandare
From: 02-11-2007 To 14-11-2007      Type: Exhibition

The realms of the spiritual and the social are not diverse, tells Raj?s work. This show is an endeavour to chart the roads and bridges that this architect-turned painter built on the difficult terrain of socially aware spirituality. Raj, who modestly attributes the vigor in his act of painting to the ?ritualistic? gestures of his hands, ritual does not apparently mean a loss of imagination and intellect. The Metaphor of an open-eyed dhyana may continue in Raj?s next body of work. Till then, a part of the proceeds from this show would go to charity.

Indian Abstract Art 2007
From: 26-10-2007 To 07-11-2007    Type: Exhibition

Abstraction in India has finally come of age, as it runs through the second and third generations of post-independence art from the country. Ruchika’s Art Gallery salutes some select abstractionists from these generations. The show is designed to imbibe all aspects of Indian Abstraction today.
Artists: Rahim Mirza; Sarab Soni; Narendrapal Singh; Ramesh Kher Raghu Neware; Kashinath Salve Sanjeeb Singha; Reena Singh; Subdoh Kerkar; Mohan Naik; Raj Bhandare; Suhas Shilker

Ganesh Chatthurti Exhibition
From: 07-09-2007 To 24-09-2007     Type: Exhibition

Ruchika’s Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled “Ganesh Charurthi Art Exhibition” from 7th to 24th September, 2007 (closed 15th and 16th September), at its facility in Casa Del Sol, Miramar, Panaji. The opening of the exhibition will be held on 7th September at 7:00 pm, and the public is invited to this event.
The exhibition features paintings and sculptures of the Lord Ganesh done by prominent Goan artists, including Subodh Kerkar, Harshada Kerkar, Yolanda de Souza, Mohan Naik, Nirulpa Naik, Viraj Naik, Vitesh Naik, Hanuman Kamli, Hitesh Pankar, Shripad Gaurav, Sandesh Naik, Amrish Parsekar, Dhondu Kedar, and Rajesh Salgaonkar. The exhibition complements the pooja, worship and celebrations of Ganesh Charurthi.